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Giffords Hall St Edmundbury

St Edmundbury

Giffords Hall St Edmundbury

A great Suffolk red named in honour of their home town. St Edmundsbury Cathedral has a great history - vines were grown within the Abbey Walls and in medieval times.

Vineyard County   Suffolk
Wine type   Red Wine
Vineyard   Giffords Hall

About This Wine

The Giffords hall St Edmundbury is lovingly named after their local town of Bury St Edmunds which is deep into the Suffolk countryside. It’s a lot lighter than it’s previous vintage but this is one of the characters of English wines in general. Weather (as we know) can be very different year to year and there can be radical differences. The wine has gone through carbonic maceration which is technique used in the Beaujolais region in France where the grapes are left to start fermentation inside the skins before crushing, then pressing. The result is a fruity wine with low tannin. This wine could not be any more different to its predecessor but has lovely silky smooth characteristics with notes of maraschino cherries.

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Rondo, Acalon

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