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Quality English Wines

Only The Best English Wines

We taste and select the very best of English Wines from the many vineyards in England. We stock a balanced selection of still wines, white, rose, red and sweet as well as a huge selection of the acclaimed English Sparkling Wines.

Distinctively fresh, clean, low in alcohol, produces a taste which is more of the grape and less of the alcohol.

Enjoy our six seasonal "on line" mixed selection or come and select and taste your own preference, we hope you will enjoy the fascinating experience.

White Wines

Blackdown Ridge 2016 Sauvignon Blanc £15.00 per bottle
Hush Heath English Skyes White £12.00 per bottle
Lyme Bay Sandbar £15.00 per bottle
Lyme Bay Chardonnay £19.00 per bottle
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Red Wines

Litmus Pinot Noir 2014 £35.00 per bottle
Blackdown Ridge 2015 Triomphe £15.00 per bottle
Bolney Cuvée Noir £31.00 per bottle
Chapel Down Union Red £15.00 per bottle
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Sparkling Wines

Breaky Bottom Cuvee Reynolds Stone £32.00 per bottle
Breaky Bottom Cuvee Cornelis Hendrikson £32.00 per bottle
Bluebell Vineyard Hindleap Cuvee 2014 £27.00 per bottle
Albourne Estate Cuvee 2013 £27.00 per bottle
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Rose Wines

Tickerage Blush Extra Dry 2011 £27.00 per bottle
Ambriel NV Rose £26.00 per bottle
Bluebell Vineyard Hindleap Rose 2014 £28.00 per bottle
Balfour Brut Rose £39.00 per bottle
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